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Air QualityAir Purification and Filtration

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Quality is an appropriate name for this company! They provide excellent service. Finding an HVAC company that is honest and reasonably priced is not easy. We’ve been doing business with them for over 15 years and highly recommend them.

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Breathe easier with improved home air quality…
We offer a good range of products that can help improve the air quality inside your home.

  • Protect against germs, bacteria and other airborne particulates with a home ionizer.
  • Reduce your exposure to allergens like pet dander with a whole house filtration system.
  • Help prevent excessive air movement in and out of your home with additional blown-in insulation.

Guardian Air REME HALO

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REME stands for Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy, it is an advanced technology that minimizes and neutralizes indoor air pollutants like bacteria, viruses, mold, gases (VOCs), odors, pollens, dust and other airborne particles. It is a proven and tested technology that is used in government buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels and home around the world.

Aprilaire Filtration

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Aprilaire air purifiers collect harmful pollutants like mold, bacteria, pollen, viruses, pet dander and viruses and keep them from reentering the air in your home. Aprilaire helps protect your family from irritants and triggers that can make you sick or upset respiratory illnesses like asthma and allergies. The air purifier is installed as part of your HVAC system and works in the background, it is quiet and out of sight.

Blown In Insulation

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Blown-In insulation is one of the best options for insulating your homes attic. Compared to batt-insulation, blown-in insulation can more effectively fill hard to reach areas like corners and around framing. Blown-In insulation provides complete coverage of your home’s attic limiting the loss of energy. If your home is poorly or insufficiently insulated, blown-in insulation can be installed on top of your home’s current insulation increasing its R-value.