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Side Discharge AC

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Posted June 11, 2019 by Victor Michael Rodriguez

AC & Heat Pump For Limited Space

Traditional air conditioning units (vertical discharge) may not fit every build environment. Space may be limited, for example, by property lines, the type of building or other space constraints. These obstacles can be overcome by the installation of a side discharge air conditioning unit.

Use Applications:

  • Zero Lot Line, which is a structure that comes up to or close to the property line. Theses structures would include row-houses, town-houses, condos or similar homes.
  • Rooftop installations
  • Installations under decks
  • Any place there are space restrictions or a traditional air conditioning unit can not be placed

Side Discharge Ac & Heat Pump

Side discharge air conditioning units are smaller and save space but are as effective and efficient as regular units. Also, because side discharge AC units are smaller, they are generally quieter than larger traditional units. Side discharge AC units are great for new construction or remodels.

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